Influencer Fraud: Trust Is A Two Way Street | British Beauty Blogger

It’s only a week or so since Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, declared that brands under the Unilever umbrella would no longer work with influencers with fake followers. According to advertising publication, The Drum, he said, “We need to take urgent action now to rebuild trust before it’s gone forever.” Apparently, other corporations, such as L’Oreal and Ebay were in complete agreement, doing a little head-scratching while they wonder how it all came to this in the first place with some statistics suggesting that up to 50% of all engagements are false. [ 1,152 more word ]

Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask Kit | British Beauty Blogger

I'm really keen on Peter Thomas Roth products - they're fairly consistently power workers in terms of delivery with great textures and interesting ingredients. I am sure that these kits crop up periodically because I feel certain I blogged about it last year but can't find it in search, so perhaps I dreamed it! If you love masking, it's such a good way to change things up and discover new masks - of note in this set are the Pumpkin Enzyme which will leave your skin madly soft, and Cucumber Gel which is just lovely for hot skin. [ 99 more words ]

Urban Decay Double Team Mascara | British Beauty Blogger

I love a coloured mascara and have tried many, many versions, so happy to say these double ended newbies are coming up as pretty damn good. One of the problems with coloured mascaras is the lack of pigment - a wishy-washy pink lash look is terrible, but a full on, neon pink lash is another thing altogether. I'm not saying I'd got to Tesco with a green lash, and I do tend to use at the tips of my lashes only since I'm not at all keen for a 'festival look' (that's just made me sound old, I know!), but make up is supposed to be fun and this is one of the ways that you can be less serious. [ 143 more words ]

Yes, Chanel Cruise! Launching UK tomorrow. #chanel #cruise #eyeshadow #luciapica #summermakeup #summerbeauty #palettes

Charles Worthington Colourplex Toning Blue Shampoo | British Beauty Blogger

I really don't get stressed about my hair colour - I'm a frequent dyer but if I can't be bothered I don't care about a few stray greys. But because I'm lazy in that respect, my hair can go through many colour permutations from one week to another! At the moment, it's really quite light for me - I generally keep it a deep brunette. [ 171 more words ]

Dentyl BB Mints | British Beauty Blogger

Not strictly beauty, I know, but I'm mindful of the fact that my post on Teepee tooth picks is still one of my most looked at, so I'm allowing a rogue minty post on the grounds that oral hygiene is a beautiful thing! Actually, there are some beauty parallels anyway - bear with! First of all, encapsulated technology from Japan. Beauty world loves encapsulating - think of all those lovely skin caviars that look so pretty in the bottles. [ 206 more words ]

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette | British Beauty Blogger

The purpose of this new palette from Urban Decay is for travel versatility - a full size mirror and twenty-one shades kind of incorporates all your palettes into one. The top row is mainly neutrals so you can build from that to practically any look you could possibly want: graphic petrol blue, jet black punky, purple smoky, gold and shimmery, sunset lids or nudes with a flash of something.. [ 158 more words ]

Lancome La Vie est Belle L'Eclat | British Beauty Blogger

Having not liked any of the previous versions of La Vie est Belle, I'm so surprised to like the L'Eclat variant. The thing you should know is that if you don't like patchouli in your fragrance, you won't like this (or the others) because it's still there but not nearly as hefty. The focus is on florals and fruit, so mandarin oil, sambac jasmine, orange blossom and rose in a lighter, fresher composition. [ 145 more words ]

Flash Beauty Bargains! | British Beauty Blogger

This is just a very quick flash of a post because I spotted an offer at Origins that seems extremely good. For £36, you get a full size High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream, 50ml, High Potency Night-a-Mins Skin Refining Oil, 15ml, GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, 5ml and GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer, 30ml all wrapped up in a really cute, tropical looking wash bag. [ 137 more words ]

Chanel Beauty Cruise 2018 | British Beauty Blogger

I love the unpredictability of this collection by Lucia Pica for Chanel Cruise 2018. Called Eclat et Transparence de Chanel, it's inspired by the shadows and light of summer - the softer, less expected shades: think hazy light, silky fabrics and ripples on the water. The palette above is called Creation Exclusive Eclat Enigmatique - super pigmented, gloriously soft and to be honest, as good in autumn or winter as it is for summer. [ 228 more words ]

Eau de Givenchy | British Beauty Blogger

If you love a fresh, eau de cologne style fragrance, then you will love this fragrance from Givenchy that has just launched as a John Lewis exclusive. It's 100% unisex being neither particularly traditionally masculine or feminine but falling into the citrus musk category. To my nose, it's all citrus - lemon, bergamot, mandarin and orange are so much more prominent than the musk. [ 171 more words ]

Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash SPF30 | British Beauty Blogger

If you've got a holiday coming up, take a look at Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash - a very light-feeling balm with a tiny hint of colour. Acts like a gloss, tints like a gloss, shines like a gloss but has SPF30 and is rated very water resistant. It's completely perfect for the beach. I know it's not at all necessary to have any make up on at all on the beach or pool side but some people like to and this formula is the best of both worlds. [ 127 more words ]

Tanning Chanel style.... new self tan water with fragrance. #leautan #chanel #selftan #gradualtan #summerskin #cruisecollection #createyourself #chanelbeauty

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick | British Beauty Blogger

As a big fan of Marc Jacobs beauty, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the new Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick. Perhaps it's because it's just a little forlorn on its own (there are 8 shades) or maybe it's that the packaging is confusing.. I don't know. See...? The lid is the colour of the lipstick which makes you think at first sight that the product is in the lid - it's really a surprise when it isn't! [ 169 more words ]

Fresh Sugar Peach Hydrating Lip Balm | British Beauty Blogger

I'm very easily entranced by a peach balm - it has to be exactly the right peachy scent though: too sweet and it's all wrong, too little fragrance and it's a disappointment. The Fresh version is completely spot on for being juicy and sweet and still resembling peach - if you were blindfolded and smelled this you'd know immediately. If you do like your balms properly candy laden, there are other flavours - caramel, chocolate, coconut and lemon although the thought of caramel is making me shudder! [ 81 more words ]

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Lip Shine | British Beauty Blogger

See, this is exactly the kind of product that still makes me feel excited about make up... these glosses are best in show really when it comes to the possibilities of creating colours and effects that are different and impactful. Every now and again, Urban Decay knocks it out of the park creativity wise and I'm so impressed with these ultra-shiny, ultra-shimmery lip shades that look almost molten in the tubes. [ 103 more words ]

Ashleigh & Burwood Don't Be Koi Candle | British Beauty Blogger

I've sort of been saving this post for the right mood - don't ask me what that is exactly, but I've had the candle for a couple of months and in my mind's eye just kept seeing it as a good mood, sunny day blog, and here we are! Aside from the very obvious vibrancy and quirkiness of the design, the fragrance is all things summer with a burst of jasmine over narcissus and lily with notes of lemon and orange to round it up. [ 84 more words ]

L'Oreal Paris La Petite Palette | British Beauty Blogger

On a recent trip to Superdrug, I came across the Petite Palettes and couldn't resist picking one up. No matter how much make up you have (and I have more than anyone should!) there's always something that you can't leave on the shelf. This colourway is Nudist from a selection of six shades. It's £7.99 which seems great value to me. [ 124 more words ]

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cleanser | British Beauty Blogger

I absolutely loved the Water Drench Cloud Cream when it launched last year - super light, super hydrating and just a joy to use. So, it looks like the Water Drench cleanser is next up in that particular line - it uses hyaluronic acid as its main sell which you might well wonder at in a wash off cleanser. In fact, for something that's on your face for bare moments, plenty of brands might have a little look at their cleansing claims. [ 166 more words ]

Beauty Business News : 25% Tariff on US Imported Make Up | British Beauty Blogger

This is just a very brief posting about something that appeared on Sky News (HERE) this morning. My friend @epiphannie flagged it up to me earlier today - I've spoken to a couple of beauty brands who literally know nothing about it! So, the quote, concerning retaliatory tariffs on US imported goods (remember the US slapped a huge tariff on the importation of European steel) is this: [ 216 more words ]

Chanel 3D Printed Mascara Brush | British Beauty Blogger

I love the backstory to this 3D printed mascara wand almost more than the actual product, Le Volume Révolution. It's a significant investment for the brand and took them six years to patent 3D printed cosmetic applicators, including this mascara brush...what that means is that nobody else can 3D print this brush (I haven't looked at the patent but it's possible that could apply to other applicators, too) and its my understanding that the entire 3D applictor patent now belongs to Chanel. [ 233 more words ]

Jessica Summer 2018 Collection | British Beauty Blogger

I love this colour line up from Jessica for Summer 2018. At £6.85 each for the minis or £11 for the full size, I think they're good value and there is no questioning the quality - they have plenty of colour saturation and a glossy finish (although glossy finishes, since we discovered quick dry top coats are neither here nor there - who waits for nails to dry these days?!). [ 141 more words ]

Article White Ostrich Astrid Candle | British Beauty Blogger

If you've been in Anthropologie lately, you might have noticed the Article White candles - exceptionally good value at £20 each. With names like Ostrich Astrid, Kruger Cougar and Womblewood, they're imaginatively quirky and billowing with fragrance. They've got a better throw than double the price candles and at the moment, still something of a hidden secret. As I'm sitting writing about these candles, I can smell the jasmine and amber laden Ostrich Astrid wafting through - it's in the next door room, so that tells you all you need to know about the strength. [ 134 more words ]

Fresh Soy Cleanser Limited Edition | British Beauty Blogger

It's not for no reason that Soy Face Cleanser is Fresh's best selling facial cleanser. I'd forgotten that back in 2000, when this product first launched, that it came in an illustrated tube. The illustration is back for a limited time, updated by artist Blair Breitenstein, to give this supersized version a brand new look. If you've never tried Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, it's a very gentle but also effective product that feels soothing on the skin. [ 115 more words ]

The Anti-ageing Skincare Conference | British Beauty Blogger

Did you know there is a global Anti-Ageing Skin Conference every two years? It would be every kind of depressing with a title like that were it not for the fact that it reveals all sorts of scientific research and development that’s not generally available to the general public that could be very positive in terms of skin care. Thankfully I wasn’t there popping up every two minutes to shout, ‘Pro Ageing’ and taking my marker pen to all signs but my formulator/lecturer friend Daniel (Whitby) from Lake Personal Care was, so cue long Twitter chats about ingredients and attitudes (he is @danielwhitby), and my take on his key points of interest below. [ 413 more words ]

Your Top Retinol Questions Answered By Olay. Find out who can use it, how to use it and when you shouldn’t use it. #AD LINK IN BIO #olayexpert #retinol #olay #beautyingredients #skincare #complexion #skinproblems

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tints | British Beauty Blogger

Creme blush makes me happy - it doesn't make skin look dry, it (usually) diffuses perfectly on the skin so it looks very natural and fresh. I occasionally use a powder blush, but nine times out of ten, I turn to a creme of some sort. I don't think that it's hard to tell when a product has a proper make up artist behind it and in particular when it comes to colours. [ 132 more words ]

All About Retinol: Your Top Questions Answered By Olay #AD | British Beauty Blogger

I get asked about retinol products more than any other across the entire skin care category. There’s still so much confusion about this ingredient that has transformed over the years from being seen as a ‘hard core’ dermatology treatment to an every-day, safe to use ingredient. In a bid to get the very last word on the subject, I headed to… [ 893 more words ]

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hair Oil | British Beauty Blogger

So many new launches from Jo Malone at the moment. Next up is the Lime, Basil & Mandarin Body and Hair Oil - their first foray into a multi-functional oil I think. Of all the original Jo Malone fragrances, this is my least favourite (my friend's little daughter calls it her Pesto Perfume) because I'm just not a basil fan. But the oil formula is good - silky, lasting and hydrating - and a great way to fragrance your hair which is something I love to do. [ 96 more words ]

The Body Shop Banana Range | British Beauty Blogger

I'm never sure with Body Shop what's a re-visit and what's brand new, but I did have my first ever banana experience (stop it) a few weeks ago with the Truly Nourishing Conditioner. Which was, as stated, truly nourishing. There's a certain thrill to using something that smells so familiar - and banana is such a positive, creamy-fruity scent that it transitions from the fruit bowl to the shower perfectly. [ 179 more words ]

Unilever Says It Out Loud : Influencer Fraud | British Beauty Blogger

Up until now, brands haven’t really taken too much notice of the inconvenient truth about bought followers falsely inflating the relevance of influencers. Buying followers is the thorn in the side of the social media industry – it’s genuinely fraudulent behaviour and Keith Weed, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer for Unilever has had enough. As of today, he has vowed that Unilever won’t work with influencers who buy followers, has promised that its own brand accounts will not buy followers and will prioritize partners who are completely transparent. [ 313 more words ]

Talika Brow Tintation | British Beauty Blogger

This is the best thing I've tested in a while - it's so simple to use and the results are very impressive. I'm not sure, despite extensively reading up, that I quite understand the nature of electrostatic bonds and positively charged dyes, but I can tell you that unlike other brow dyes, Talika Brow Tintation doesn't use oxidative synthetic colourants. Using Jagua extract (also used, apparently, by Amazonian tribes for long lasting (not permanent) tattoos) which is sometimes known as Jagua juice ink and absolutely nothing to do with the notorious black henna. [ 339 more words ]

Beauty Honours Roll Call | British Beauty Blogger

This year, the beauty industry was very well represented in the Queen’s Honours List. Whether you’re a royalist or not, there are precious few occasions where the outside world gets to see that the beauty industry is full of smart, ambitious women who contribute to the wider world in terms of employment, creativity and business acumen. It’s not so much what they do that’s so special, it’s what they allow others to do as a result of their vision that’s important. [ 764 more words ]

British Beauty Blogger

Fitflop sale!!

Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt | British Beauty Blogger

These lip liners/lipsticks in one really do work but more for a two tone lip effect than realistic liner/lippie combos. The shades that Bourjois has chosen means that unless you're prepared to blend after application (which somewhat negates the 'one-step' purpose) you will have very obvious liner. If that's your look, great - this stick truly does give a good, defined line and colour infill - but if you prefer a less obvious, ombre lip look, you will need to blend down. [ 115 more words ]

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation | British Beauty Blogger

There's nothing I don't like about the brand new Benefit Hello Happy Foundation - billed as weightless, breathable, blurring and giving natural coverage - 100% yes to all of these things. On my skin, the blur was immediately apparent (I mean, we are not talking the full gauze over lens Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote type effect, but still..) and it literally feels like I have nothing on my face at all. [ 299 more words ]

Jo Malone Charity Home Candle 2018 | British Beauty Blogger

This is such a worthwhile initiative from Jo Malone who support various mental health charities through the sale of these limited edition candles. The charities have a focus on gardens as places of learning, of peace and of recovery and you can read more about the individual gardens that the brand has supported HERE. This year's offering is White Lilac and Rhubarb - you can definitely smell the rhubarb coming from it with crisp and fresh notes rather than sweet, but it's distinctly there. [ 117 more words ]

Stila Glitter & Glow Highlighter | British Beauty Blogger

Going high beam was the best thing that Stila ever did - these Glitter & Glow Highlighters, plus Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows, have reinvigorated this brand completely. Partly, it's the mood of the moment, but it's also down to the fact that they're doing it better than anyone else, and in this competitive market, that's not exactly easy. The highlighters are amongst the most shimmery, light-catchy that I've come across - virtually fairy dust in a tube - and you can wear them anywhere you like. [ 174 more words ]

MV Organic Rose Plus Booster | British Beauty Blogger

Wow - this quiet looking skin booster has a roster of awards for being somewhat of a life saver for skin that needs SOS. I'll say up front that it's £80 - yikes - but you only need a couple of drops each time you use it. What's different about Rose Plus Booster is that it's aimed at hormonally imbalanced skin (POS or acne included) as well as redness and sensitivity. [ 300 more words ]

Kure Bazaar Summer 2018 | British Beauty Blogger

You know how you create your own nonsensical beauty rules? Mine is never put nude polish on toe nails - I've honestly no idea why in my head it's brights for feet! But it's a whole other story on hands - I loved the mannequin hands trend from a few years ago where you tone matched your nails to your skin to create a stylish (maybe now I look back on it, spooky) - nail neutrality. [ 79 more words ]

Timeline Photos

And, no make up at all. #bareface #nomakeup #whocares #beyou 📸 @labelsforlunch

Timeline Photos

Make up mirror face! We’ve all got one.... #beyou #reallife #squish #mirror #mirrorface

Bourjois Le Duo Blush | British Beauty Blogger

So, these are rather lovely! The Little Round Pot gets a new look with two shades in one pot. I'd forgotten how sparkly Bourjois blush can be so if you love shimmy cheeks, these are for you. The intent for these is that you use one shade to blush the apples (lighter colour) and the darker shade to sculpt but realistically speaking, I think you just have two nice blushers! [ 46 more words ]

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oils | British Beauty Blogger

Well, these are very unexpected! This feels like a huge step forward for Darphin, a brand that's reliably excellent but we might say a little staid at times. What beautiful oils - and very much in keeping with Darphin's treatment oil heritage. As you can see, there are three oils, each infused with a different natural flavour combination and real flower petals. [ 117 more words ]

& Other Stories Sale | British Beauty Blogger

I was absolutely ready to do a post about the & Other Stories sale yesterday because it's one of my favourite stores and I buy regularly from there, but the sale hadn't actually started so I couldn't. Lo and behold, today the sale absolutely has begun so I'm doing a few picks that I like (or am ordering) but it's very well worth a browse. [ 357 more words ]

MAC Look In A Box | British Beauty Blogger

Honestly, mini-sizing is the best thing that MAC could have done to re-energize themselves. If you look past the initial prettiness, this is a brand that for a long time had no competition at all, and suddenly, they found themselves lagging behind. It's becoming more and more apparent that they've listened and responded to their consumers by changing up their offerings, giving more entry level products and being a bit more inventive generally. [ 215 more words ]

Jo Malone Queen of Pop Collection | British Beauty Blogger

I never thought a quote from Poppy Delevingne could resonate but a timely reminder from the British actress; "'s a colourful celebration of all things bath time, and the perfect excuse to spoil yourself." I'm focussing more on the 'spoil yourself' aspect and being a bit more mindful about self-care. Spoiling yourself doesn't require expensive products but it does require you to make some time for yourself and certainly to acknowledge that it's time well deserved and well spent. [ 173 more words ]

Summer is ON! Ready for a sunshine smile with Gaetana from Dolce & Gabbana. #beauty #yellow #sunshine #smile #lipstick #lipsheen #holidaybeauty

Time of Your Life Box | British Beauty Blogger

This new beauty box is a little different - it's a mix of products (including chocolate - what's not to like about that?) aimed at 40+ and lifestyle podcasts pinged to you throughout the month if you subscribe. It's very relevant right now as older women feel neglected by the beauty market, plus it's a unique twist on the over saturated standard box. [ 211 more words ]

MAC x Patrick Starr Full Face Kit Summer 2018 | British Beauty Blogger

Is this Patrick Starr's third collaboration with MAC? I've lost count but the fact that they keep on coming back to team up with the You Tube guru must mean it does well every single time. Patrick Starr has a reputation of being an all round good guy (I met him very briefly once at the same time I met Jeffree Star and explained the concept of Christmas crackers to him (they don't have them in the US)) and largely avoids the controversy of other YT Gurus. [ 125 more words ]

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