The best brow powder I’ve ever used - and the brush! Genius. #brows #eyebrows #browgamestrong #browgrooming #katvond #katvondcosmetics #katvondbeauty

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask Meets Head & Shoulders | British Beauty Blogger

So, this turned out to be the absolute dream team in terms of sorting out my hair which I'd neglected for a bit without doing any hydrating masks, using any old mish mash of products and overdoing it on the straighteners. It was just me being lazy to be honest - hair washing isn't my favourite thing and if I can make it last the full three days I do! [ 196 more words ]

Decleor Hydra Floral Everfresh | British Beauty Blogger

Oh my! If you're looking for a summer moisturiser, you should very much consider Decleor Hydra Floral Everfresh which I've had on my desk for weeks and was studiously ignoring because I don't much like writing skin care reviews. It turns out that my timing is spot on for 25% at FeelUnique, plus a free gift of a cleansing milk (50ml) if you spend over £60. [ 296 more words ]

Bobbi Brown 3 Pan Shimmer Brick Palette | British Beauty Blogger

There's a bit of a theme emerging here - after my post about the original single Urban Decay Eye Shadows and how their pay off has never been bettered, along comes another original that's also been widely copied, but again, never bettered. The Bobbi Shimmer Brick has turned into a beauty product icon since its permanent launch in 2003... I wonder if they knew what they had on their hands at the time? [ 286 more words ]

Urban Decay x Feel Unique | British Beauty Blogger

This is a great bundle of Urban Decay goodies with a very decent saving. It's £45 with a value of £69 and includes Eyeshadow Primer (5ml - and also my favourite eye primer), All Nighter Setting Spray 30ml, Perversion Mascara 4ml, Naked Basics Palette and Moondust Eyeshadow. They're all wrapped up in a holographic bag. If you've got birthdays to buy for coming up soon, this hits the spot for the neutral trend with an optional dash of shimmer and it's completely ageless which makes it a smart edit. [ 76 more words ]

Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum | British Beauty Blogger

Anyone who is a Guerlain fan knows that sweet olfactory kick of violet that happens when you open Meteorites pearls - its such a big part of what makes those powder spheres so special. I'm surprised that it's been such a long time coming (maybe it's been before?) but Thierry Wasser has translated those pastel pearls into a powdery-floral fragrance that's quite delicious. [ 355 more words ]

Make Up Trend Shades for 2020 | British Beauty Blogger

How weird to be looking at trends for 2020 but BASF (via Cornelius), which is one of the world's largest chemical companies, future predicts with beauty ingredients that are designed showcase the kinds of shades/colours that the beauty industry might be following in the next couple of years. Basically, with forward trends, beauty brands need to be formulating about now to be ready so the ingredients have to be ready. [ 150 more words ]

Natasha Denona Selfridges Exclusive Palette | British Beauty Blogger

This is my first foray into Natasha Denona products and I think I started in the right place! Selfridges has plenty of pulling power for international brands and can insist on products that are UK exclusives to just them which means that beauty fans can get things that aren't available anywhere else. Everything about this palette is impressive and it's a long time since I've swatched and reviewed a palette of this size- 28 shades. [ 266 more words ]

Malin + Goetz Travel Size Beauty | British Beauty Blogger

I'm heading to a wedding this weekend - no, not *that* one - so these Malin + Goetz Travel Size Beauty bits and bobs couldn't be more timely. Behind the scenes, 'amenities' as these tempting little sizes are known when they're found in a hotel bathroom, is a very, very competitive business. I remember trying not to be more excited, on a press trip to launch a mascara, about the bathroom full of Clarins amenities than the actual mascara. [ 446 more words ]

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At a wedding this weekend and no time for a cut... (no it’s not *that* wedding!!) .. going to have to deal with my fringe myself 😱 #selfie #haircut #hairstyles #cutyourownhair #nodont #wedding #weekend #wales #trim #fringe #bangs 📸 @labelsforlunch

I Bought A Dress! | British Beauty Blogger

I've just bought the most bonkers dress from & Other Stories! I'll say straight away that they don't have it on-line yet (only in store), but they do have the blouse version which, if this wasn't for a specific occasion, I think I'd have gone for to wear with jeans, skirts or shorts. It's kind of floaty and chiffony with a draw string waist so it can go as loose or nipped as you like, and also a draw string neck which means you can get it to the exact scoop neckline than you want. [ 104 more words ]

A Beauty Wish Granted! | British Beauty Blogger

You have absolutely no idea how much - ALL of my beauty life - I have wanted loose beauty caviar like this! I've had bottles and bottles, all impenetrably sealed, of hair, make up and skin care caviar suspended in liquid and I have always wanted to hold one of these little spheres in my hand. Twenty years later, I get my moment! [ 225 more words ]

Models Own Cheat Day Palette | British Beauty Blogger

There's good and bad about this palette from Model's Own, made to look like a line up of delicious donuts. That works really well while the lid is shut because it's embellished with sprinkles so they do actually look donut-ish but once it's open it's not working quite so well. The palette is £14.99, which I don't think is too bad for what is essentially a line up of 16 colours, if you count the contrasting shades in the centre. [ 166 more words ]

Bodhi & Birch Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic | British Beauty Blogger

If you ever, as a child, made rose or lavender water simply by stuffing petals into a bottle of water then you are already familiar with a hydrosol, albeit a very rudimentary version. Flower waters or hydrosols go back far, far into history - it's thought as far as 3000 years ago being used for aromatics, beautifying and healing. Needless to say, our versions now will differ very greatly not least in terms of hygiene, production and ingredient sophistication. [ 396 more words ]

Kat Von D Brow Struck | British Beauty Blogger

Wow! Aside from hair, brows are my least interesting thing to write about and in fact, I rarely do - I just can't muster any excitement whatsoever! But I've been testing the Kat Von D Brow Struck Powder and that amazing, amazing brush and together, they're a revelation. I like the Benefit Brow Powder (HERE) and that's what I use if I use anything at all, but the texture, smoothness and application of Brow Struck is going to take some beating. [ 166 more words ]

Chanel Anti-Pollution Cleansing | British Beauty Blogger

Revamping the cleansing collection seems to be a common theme amongst luxury brands at the moment. Chanel isn't the first to make big changes in that area, but they're focusing on a key skin concern - pollution. Anti-pollution skin care is something that we'll hear more and more about and yet, trying to pin down exactly what detrimental effects pollution has on our skin isn't as easy as you might think. [ 461 more words ]

The Body Shop Body Yogurts | British Beauty Blogger

Honestly, if I could physically push you into a Body Shop store to buy one of these, I would! They're absolutely delightful for a cooling, summer-weight hit of body moisture. It's apparent that a lot of attention has been paid to the skin feel of this - when you first put it onto your skin, it's very loose and pliant with plenty of slip so that you can work it into your skin. [ 212 more words ]

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Haha - I’m sure I’ll get the hang of these #selfies #selfie #whoops #noideawhatimdoing #noideawhy #beyou #havefun

Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter | British Beauty Blogger

I know from reader feedback (and generally just reading the news!) that what happens to glitter commonly used in make up after it's been on our faces. The truth of it is that it IS damaging - filter feeding animals in the ocean easily ingest these tiny particles and consequently, they end up in the food chain. Glitter is, in effect, a micro-plastic. [ 406 more words ]

The Body Shop Face Mists | British Beauty Blogger

I love that The Body Shop mentions in their directions for use for their new Face Mists, "close eyes and mouth during application." You've been told! If you love a mist then I can only tell you to grab one of these £6 refreshers and stash it in your fridge as an instant hot skin soother. When it comes to formula, these aren't the most sophisticated mists that you'll find and they contain fragrance so if you're reactive, leave alone, but what they lack in refinement ingredient wise, they more than make up for in performance. [ 199 more words ]

Superdrug Swipe & See Make Up Bags | British Beauty Blogger

I've had several queries about the sequin bags I'm using in some of my pictures, so I thought I'd flag them up. Some of the bags come from other sources (I have a friend who works for an accessories company so I get to borrow props sometimes) but the sequin bags I've mostly been using are from Superdrug. The sequins are sewn in such a way that you can run your hand over them and reveal a different colour either all in one go or in different patterns as you choose. [ 56 more words ]

It’s a friendly 🕷 I promise! Plus, what’s not to love about Chanel’s new anti pollution spray? #antipollution #skincare #beauty #skin #healthyskin #newbeauty #skinprotection

Bourjois Satin & Metal Edition 24H Eyeshadows | British Beauty Blogger

These beauties have already launched into Superdrug, BUT I think that Superdrug have used the French names rather than the UK names because I've been in all kinds of confusion for about an hour. I will try and translate across as we go. So, to the actual product. If you like a liquid eye shadow, these are beautifully pigmented and blend nicely enough. [ 219 more words ]

Glossier Lash Slick | British Beauty Blogger

The very good thing about Glossier Lash Slick is that it's tubing so the chances of it running or smudging are more or less eliminated. This puts it right into the suitable-for-sport category. The less good thing, depending upon how you look at it, is that it's quite a light mascara. You won't get huge fat lashes with it, but more a colour coating and a lash enhancement. [ 196 more words ]

Rodin Mermaid Collection | British Beauty Blogger

So, we're really starting to see the 'Lauder' effects on this brand. Rodin Olio Lusso was founded in 2007 by Linda Rodin, then just a single face oil blended from 11 essential oils. Lauder scooped the brand up in 2014 and slowly, slowly, we've been seeing new products emerging (the lipsticks are excellent) but this is the first that you could call a 'collection'. [ 281 more words ]

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It’s not just you - link in bio to read about the six symptoms of summer sadness with coping tips. #summerblues #summertime #sad #sadness #summersadness #feelingdown #toohot

Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Fragrance | British Beauty Blogger

How do you know that wedding season is around the corner? When perfumes get beyond pretty! Case in point right here with the new Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Fragrance in one of the most beautiful bottles I've ever seen. The 3D floral embellishments are designed to imitate a couture gown ... I get it! It's gorgeous and I want the bag, the shoes and the matching throw, thanks. [ 111 more words ]

Six Causes of Summer Sadness | British Beauty Blogger

Yes, summer sadness is a thing. It’s not just you. It’s not quite the same as winter SAD but summer can set off a whole ocean of conflicted or unhappy feelings. I’m no expert other than knowing how it is to feel underwhelmed by summer sometimes and definitely a winter SAD sufferer, so please add in all your own tips that you feel might help in the comments section. [ 1,136 more word ]

MAC Galactic Glitter & Gloss | British Beauty Blogger

Wow! So, the new MAC Galactic Glitter & Gloss is SUPER glittery! I know that glitter is a contentious issue at the moment - I've been doing some research on the subject and eco-glitters in particular and think that it is only a matter of time before all brands make the switch if manufacturers can produce good enough quality. Looking at biodegradable glitters alongside glitters like these - they're really not there yet. [ 259 more words ]

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Never without Clarins kohl. #outandabout #touchups #kohl #beyou #selfie #smokyeyes #blackliner

Suqqu Summer 2018 Global Collection | British Beauty Blogger

We've already had some Suqqu summer gorgeousness that launched in April (I am sure it's mostly sold out but for reference, it's HERE) but now there's a second collection, this time the Global collection. The previous one - remember those gorgeous graduated shades - was a UK exclusive. Starting with the palette above, Akenastu, as you can see it's got a gorgeous, vibrant orange as well as a less vivid, more muted shade in a similar vein. [ 397 more words ]

Flower By Kenzo Le Cushion | British Beauty Blogger

Tell me this isn't a thing of beauty! I love it! Flower by Kenzo has to be edging towards classic status, surely? It seems to have been around for a very long time in various guises. The thing I hadn't particularly clocked until now about this fragrance is that poppies don't actually have any scent. They're all about the looks, these particular flowers, and I guess that's where the fun of the design element comes in. [ 155 more words ]

Delune Facial Mists | British Beauty Blogger

If you love a facial mist, these vegan and cruelty free offerings from London based brand, Delune, should be grabbing your attention. I'll flag up straight away the residue sitting at the bottom of the bottle of Jasmine & Green Tea mist - organic materials don't behave as nicely as non-organic so colour variants, and to some degree, residue is an inevitability. [ 268 more words ]

Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom | British Beauty Blogger

As part of a trio, collectively known as 'Blossom Girls', Sakura Cherry Blossom is back again. It sits alongside Nashi Blossom and Plum Blossom to form the 'girls' but in fact, all of these are re-releases of past fragrances. The only difference between Blossom Girls and Blue Skies & Blossoms from 2015 is Nashi instead of Osmanthus. Great for me, because I love Nashi! [ 172 more words ]

Elf Monochromatic Multi-Stick | British Beauty Blogger

This is probably the easiest piece of make up you'll ever own. I love a little stick of colour for primping cheeks and my general rule is that multi-use products like this only ever do one thing really well. For my own preference this is for cheeks, but I've tried it on my lids (that peachy shade!) and it's actually rather lovely giving an instant eye brightening effect. [ 200 more words ]

Ragdale Hall Be Happy Refreshing Shower Burst | British Beauty Blogger

For something so happy, refreshing and olfactorily bright, the Ragdale Hall Be Happy Refreshing Shower Burst has very uninspiring packaging! However, it is a gorgeous morning shower scent, full of passionfruit and lemon peel - zesty but also with that kind of smile making fruity, almost a pudding, kind of aroma. It's £6, which seems really reasonable to me. The shower gel (those 'beads' are vitamin E balls) is part of the Be Happy collection that includes a spritz, a handcream, a scrub and the body sorbet you can see above. [ 155 more words ]

That is the blush of the summer! ❤️❤️❤️Suqqu Tsuyakogare gives a natural, neutral warmth so quickly and easily. Launching May 24th. #summerblush #neutral #warm #cremeblush #summerbeauty #summer2018 #japanesebeauty #suqqu

Tory Burch Just Like Heaven | British Beauty Blogger

As part of the Estee Lauder stable of brands, Tory Burch fragrances are totally wearable - Lauder has locked down wearability (with the exception of the truly horrible Modern Muse) with gentle, fresh notes that are somehow generically lovely. Just Like Heaven is that typically 'pretty', with an opener of mandarin and rhubarb followed by heliotrope, ylang ylang and hyacinth. I mean, I think you get the picture just from that - what's not to like from this joyful fruity floral blend? [ 83 more words ]

PS KPOP Beauty | British Beauty Blogger

If you don't know your Red Velvet from your Twice, this Korean pop band inspired make up range from Primark might not be for you. Chances are, however, that you'll know and recognise the K-beauty trend. Big for last year and this was the concept of keeping your blush, your shadow and your lips all the same shade of pink or peach. [ 227 more words ]

Diptyque Eau des Sens Hair Mist | British Beauty Blogger

To my nose, Diptyque Eau des Sens Hair Mist has a cologne element - very crisp, fresh and all things summer. I am such a sucker for a hair mist I have to admit although I can't see that it does your hair any good exactly. But, the idea of swishing my hair and getting a little waft of orange blossom sits very well with me. [ 315 more words ]

Laura Mercier Viva Cuba Summer 2018 | British Beauty Blogger

While I'm personally not that keen on a matte lip it does make perfect sense when you surround it with shimmer. That sums up the summer collection from Laura Mercier: vibrant velvets and sheer skin gleam. The Velour Matte Lipsticks are really the bright stars of what is a very minimal offering for summer. The shades are Havana, Amor and Chicas (in that order). [ 132 more words ]

Charlotte Tilbury Long Lasting Easy Colour | British Beauty Blogger

I think everyone forgot about the Cream Eyecolours from Charlotte Tilbury so a couple of new shades to add to the existing range are a little reminder that they exist at all. I cannot fault these texture wise - they are like air on the lids - but the last isn't spectacular so you'd almost certainly need to use a primer underneath. [ 141 more words ]

Chanel No.5 L'Eau All-Over Body Spray | British Beauty Blogger

I'm loving all these new launches from Chanel - they just keep coming! No.5 is my favourite of all the Chanel fragrances - I like the sweet, powdery nature of it and I've known it so long now that its notes are embedded in my soul I think. I don't wear it as often as I used to but it's just always there and I always come back to it. [ 227 more words ]

Solving my beauty storage one mascara at a time... with @victoriagreenofficial. Link in bio #ad #travelbag #washbag #makeupbag #storagesolutions #bathroomdecor #beautybag #brilliantidea #tidy #tidyroom

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 | British Beauty Blogger

This feather-light, non-sticky SPF50 is getting rave reviews for very good reason. I've been experimenting with it to wear under base and as we all know, when base and SPF interact then you get the dreaded squirls! Not all ingredients go nicely together, and it's usually an oil and silicone clash to blame for the flaky squirls. I'm not a formulation expert, but I've put this with several tinted moisturisers and foundations and I have found very minimal interaction. [ 151 more words ]

L'Occitane Almond Delightful Body Balm | British Beauty Blogger

Ooh, this is really delicious! If you love sensual textures, this satiny, creme-balm formula is an absolute dream on the skin leaving it immediately supple and silky feeling. It's rather a functional looking tin which doesn't really reflect the luxurious nature of the formula although I think the colour is supposed to reflect the almond fruit, a key ingredient. It's also interesting to note that the brand sources their almonds from producers in the South of France where the almond tree had been all but forgotten. [ 112 more words ]

#AD Victoria Green Beauty Traveller Bags | British Beauty Blogger

I don’t mind that I’m not a rigorously tidy person. I’m not chaotic, but my bar is low when it comes to keeping things in a meticulous manner. When I think about my friends, we divide quite evenly into tidy and messy – or organized and disorganized. The messy amongst us always want to be more tidy, while the none of the tidies want to be more messy! [ 677 more words ]

Next level hand cream from Chanel. 👏👏👏 #hands #handcream #beyou #beautyblog #chanel #chanelno5 #fragrance #perfume #scent #dryskin

Weekender Beauty | British Beauty Blogger

I had a speedy trip to Milan with Mr BBB last weekend; just Friday to Sunday. It completely exceeded my expectations and I'll definitely go again because it's such an easy trip for us as we live quite near London City Airport. Apart from eating so, so well and having some beautiful wines, we did a lot of walking, went to the Duomo (you can go on the roof and it's one of the most spectacular things I have ever done), did some shopping and visited the vintage and antiques market (last Sunday of every month) where I bought a 1980's Chanel jacket. [ 587 more words ]

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